Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Printer Guardians

These are The Three.

These Three remain ever watchful as they protect and safeguard my printer. Here they stand united and dedicated to their cause, ready to do battle at a moment's notice.

Except for Zaku, that guy just likes to steal the show.

Moving on...

I have three MG kits completed, the Shin Musha over there on the left being the most recent. After building the Zaku II I became addicted, and at the same time, spoiled by Zaku's amazing articulation. I feel the time has come to stop putting off the important step of making these kits really shine and give them their much deserved paint job. I just don't know which one to do first :X

I want to make Shin Musha's red a darker red.
I want to make Zaku's paint job faithful to the original.
I want to make Hi-Nu's color scheme match the new 1/144 GPB version.

Or... I could do something entirely different. I just can't decide! Aaaarrrgghhh!

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