Monday, May 9, 2011

Shoot, Bang, & Frag

It's that time again, a new FPS is arriving in the form of Brink. Most gamers associate Bethesda with Open-World RPGs like Elder Scrolls and Fallout - and for good reason. These are arguably some of the best damn games ever made. Now, like a shot out of the dark, comes this new team-based shooter which is as what a Youtube member described as, "If CoD and TF2 had a kid, and then Borderlands and Mirror's Edge had a kid, then those kids got married and had a kid of their own, this game is what you would get."

Now, I know it's too early to pass judgement on a game that isn't out yet, but I have high hopes and I'll be playing it all day tomorrow more than likely. Find me on Steam under my usual name for -everything- MoogleDee.

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