Sunday, May 1, 2011

Late Night Anime

Well, it wasn't a true marathon per se, I didn't finish the series. I do have to be up and at work in about... 7 hours. T'was worth it though. I started watching Macross Frontier and after 7 episodes, I'm digging it.

I had kind of a mecha urge after doing some reading and I didn't really feel like getting everything out to work on gunpla. True, I have kits that I need to finish like the Civvie Astray and the Avalanche Exia but meh... they can wait. Anyway. I did a bit of poking around and looked a bit at Another Century's Episode R and had a very brief desire to import it. It'll have to wait for when I have some extra funds, (read: never), till I can check it out. With my mecha urge left unsatisfied I remembered that I picked up Macross Frontier to watch. I initially only planned to watch a few episodes, but I got drawn in. I'll likely slow my pace down and limit myself to two episodes per night for the rest of the week until I finish it up.

More on animu, my list can be found here. I try to keep it updated, but it's getting a little hectic this season with so many series that I'm trying to keep up on. Usually I kick back and wait until I can get some good recommendations but lately I've found myself in a position among my friends where I'm the one who has to tell them what to watch, and they're catching up with my backlog of series that I recommended. I can't really complain I guess, it's kinda nice being the anime otaku in the clique.

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