Thursday, June 9, 2011

Silver-Eyed Witches

Yeah, I had intended to update this at least once a week.

So much for that.

Recently I've gotten back into reading the Claymore manga. I typically opt for the volumes that Viz releases under their Shonen Jump Advanced series. That being because... you know... I don't wanna buy Jump Square JUST for Claymore and the whole not being able to read Japanese as easily (yet).

Claymore is one of those series that starts out very straight forward and just kind of branches out unto it's own. You can definitely tell that Horihiro kind of had a plan at first, but now he's kinda making it up as he goes. I'm not complaining with that, but it's one of those things where you can tell some portions weren't really thought out all the way and you go back and go wait... but she was... hokay. Nitpicky little inconsistencies aside, I hope that whenever and however this story ends will be complete in itself without any tricks pulled out of left field. I could go on about why I like the series but I'm tired and I have to be up at absurd-o-clock tomorrow for work. Oh well, I think I'll read another volume before bed because I do love me some violence after all.

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