Friday, June 24, 2011

Star Wars Galaxies - Order 66

By now most have probably heard through one way or another that Star Wars Galaxies will be shutting down. According to the article over at IGN, the servers will be shutting down this December. For me, this means that the very first MMO I ever played, or rather had my own subscription, will be ending. It's funny, because there's older games than SWG that are -still- up and running like FFXI and EQ1.

When I really think about it, it kinda makes me sad. I played back before they fucked up the game with their combat revamp and before they WoW-ified the game. I remember my house on Dantooine off in the North Western portion of the map. On days when I needed to go shopping for whatever reason, I recall scouring different player cities on Corellia or Naboo to find the best prices on the best quality goods. That was one of the best things I liked about SWG; resource quality shifts resulting in different quality gear, buffs, weapons, etc. If you wanted an awesome weapon, you looked for a crafter who had access to premium resources. Likewise, if you could gather some of the good stuff, you could sell it to the highest bidder.

Silly me, I used to be a Rebel. I converted when Jump to Lightspeed came out though; that was fun. I was one of the first Aces on the server, and I remember getting help with the 'vette mission from two others who made Ace before me. I didn't really play JtL as much as I could have though. I don't think the FFA PvP sector was open before I quit, or it was buggy or something. I do remember flying around overt and downing some pompous rebel in a Y-Wing and then we ended up hanging out at some cantina later that day.

If there's one thing I won't miss, it's Dathomir. Fuck that planet, seriously. It was fun going rancor and night sister hunting but that spider cave can go to hell.

Despite Dathomir, I'm gonna miss SWG. Sure, the SWG today isn't the same SWG I played, but it's the thought that counts. I want to give Old Republic a try at least (still waiting on that beta email), but I don't like the idea of ToR being the only Star Wars MMO available once it releases. That's a really dirty way to earn subscribers. Bad form, Lucas, bad form. I say Lucas, but there's something seedy at work here that makes me want to put at least some of the blame on EA.

An era is coming to an end, I just hope what comes to replace it is worthwhile.


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