Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Shenanigans

So this is just a quick little update for all the summer fun (lol) that I'm having.

In between work and sleeping I've gotten back into Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Let me just first say that I can't give enough praise to this game. I got it when back in July '09 and my main save file has over 400 hours of playtime. If you have a PSP, why don't you own this game?

Anyway, me and my buddy have discovered the wonders of Ad Hoc Party on PS3 and how lovely it works with MHFU. AHP was, after all, developed for playing Mohan. We also found out that with the marvels of science, AHP will allow multiple PSPs to connect to one PS3. This is especially advantageous when I'm too lazy to go down to Renton and play Mohan but two of my other friends are already gathered up. I'm not always on, but I like to frequent lobby C-2 in AHP. My room is often passworded with a geass-ish password.

Other than my monster huntardness, I'm trying to find the right moodset to finish up the Hi-Nu. It's all sanded down and it's essentially ready for paint. I just need to wash down the parts to get rid of any extra residue or excessive skin oils from handling the parts. Actually come to think of it, I still need to finish cleaning the seams on the head, but that shouldn't take too long.

As much as I hate to put off projects, I might have to interrupt everything on the workbench and get cracking on the Epyon that arrived today. I'm saving it for the four-day weekend I have coming. Squee. I'm absolutely in love with the maroon color of the frame and I can't decide if I want to straight build this guy or attempt to match the color. Or, as I was daydreaming during work one day, I may alter the design and try to make Epyon look like the Balrog from Fellowship. The same weapons are there, it's just tricky making it look good without it's wings emitting perpetual smoke and fire.

Last but not least, I've started doing some preliminary studying for getting back into Japanese. A lot of it is up there in the noggin, I just have to dig it back up. My plan is to go through Genki I by the summer's end and have one little flash card flipbook filled out. One concern I have is finding time to go through my flashcards. It seems silly, but quite honestly my time on my PC is spent... y'know... not doing work. I'll probably make my own flash card set on Anki too, but actually using it is... yeah. It's times like this that almost kinda make me wish I had a long bus commute to get to work, because that would probably be my best time for getting in quick jots of studying. Oh well.

Note to self: stop flipping through tabs when you're making blog posts. When you're gonna write, then write.


Side note: I've been toying with the idea of changing my online alias since sometimes using MoogleDee everywhere carries a negative stigma what with the recent releases having more mixed reviews than universal acclaim. Not only that, but I know I do a lot more than FF now, I need to break free from that. Long story short, Sony please let me change my PSN name at some sort of cost so I don't lose my shit, thanks.

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