Friday, July 8, 2011

Epyon Has Arrived!

Ok that's kind of a lie, I've had this kit in my possession for a few days now, but I only just now started working on it. So, technicalities aside let's proceed into building the OZ-13MS Epyon.

I've found I have more fun doing these now when I build out of order. With the Shin Musha, I started from the bottom up and built the head/chest last. This time, I started with the parts that I loved the most, also the most basic: the weapons. As we all (should) know, the Epyon only has two weapons. There's a heat rod that functions like a whip attached to the shield, and a big fucking beam sword.

Who doesn't like big swords, amirite? Also, it's not often that a shield looks that badass.

Nothing like shaky macro shots to show off sketchy work. However, it's supposed to be scratchy because I'm not smoothing EVERY nub right now. 

 You can't really tell from the photo, but the red/maroon color on this kit is aweshum. 

One 'link' from the heat-rod... uhh.. snapped. Yeah, I know, that was fast. I cemented it together and you can kinda tell where it broke. I just need to let the thing dry for like... a day before I try to put it back together. 

 Mmmm big sword...

 For the sake of size comparison, the blade next to the longer blade from the Hi-Nu.

Here you can see how the heat rod works. You pull the whip apart just a bit, and that allows free movement within the joint. Push the links together and it locks into place.

Zooming in on the locked and free parts of the whip. As you can probably guess, I learned how it locks the hard way and derp-strengthed the one link and as a result, it snapped off D:

Here's the sword hilt where it normally rests. The red bit locks onto the side of the skirt and when the sword is drawn, there's a flexible wire that attaches the two parts together. The sword is so big because it draws energy directly from the Gundam's reactor. More power, more blade. Makes sense.

I'm probably going to call it a night for now, I want to savor this suit.

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